Models, Color Palette

I am leaning more towards a dark palette. I’m drawn to the black and white so much though I like how the other palette is dark but still shows color. I think I like the black and white more because it makes the photos more cohesive.

I have two models so far and will have a third one, maybe a fourth. My newest model is Kylie and she had a lot of interesting things to say that I can’t wait to share.

So far I’m having a lot of fun talking to the models and hearing about their stories.


Test Shots


Here are some test shots and examples of what I plan to do with the menagerie project. I am still trying to decide if I want these photos in color or if I want black and white. I started to think about black and white when I saw Richard Pilnick’s photographs. Most of his photos are B&W and I think it is important to pay attention to the person and their story rather than being distracted by color.

My model (Sidney) told me her tattoo stories and gave some input of what some of her family members think about her choice of expression.
“My dad thinks that people with tattoos look trashy. My grandparents think the same thing.
My mom doesn’t care but thinks they are too expensive. And my cousins don’t care but they make comments like ‘they’ll be on your body forever and you’ll end up regretting them.’ Or ‘What type of job can you get with these?’ My mom doesn’t like my nose ring though. They don’t understand that I think it’s cool and it makes me feel different. ”

Jesus tattoo: ” I got this one last year when I went through emotional stuff. This is to remind me that god is always with me and his love is infinite. ”

Bird/Stars tattoo: ” I got this one two years ago, about a couple of months before my freshman year here. This was during the time my parents’ divorce was finalized and my sister had moved away with her boyfriend. I wanted something to represent us getting through all of this together. The pink star symbolized my mom, the purple is my sister and I’m the green one. The other two are my dogs. ”

Deer tattoo: ” This is a recent one I got. I had thought about this one for a while. In the Bible it says ‘Have feet like a deer, you’ll be able to stand on the heights.’ Everyone falls down a lot but you’ll be able to stand back up and get better and stronger each time.”